Friday, February 1, 2013

Not Cool Poop...

Okay, so I'm a little tired and I really can't think of any other title for this post.  I posted a video of a little and quite articulate boy giving a pep talk, (kidpresident), here is the link, don't know if it will show here or not...

Anyway, during the presentation he quotes Robert Frost, "Two roads diverged in the woods, and I took the one less traveled..." and then this boy yells, "and it hurt man!  Rocks! Thorns! Glass! Not cool Robert Frost!"  It absolutely cracked me up.  Notice how sometimes when things that are very true make you laugh louder?  Yes, this road I'm on can sometimes hurt and I want to yell - NOT COOL!

Thanks Becca!
Anyway, this is part of the back story to this post title.  Daniel has had bad stomach cramps the last three nights.  It has only happened in the evenings and then he sleeps through the night and even made it to school.  Last night it was awful.  He woke up at 1am and dropped himself on the bathroom floor writhing in pain in the fetal position. Ugh, a mamma's heart.  I tried every home remedy known to man (or to me...which wasn't many).  About an hour later, I did what everyone else would do.  Call Kirstin.  To shorten this post so I can get on with this crazy day and go make coffee...she said go to the ER.  So we went.  And I am so glad.

We went to Mary Bridge (wow, haven't been there in awhile, it is so nice!), they listened to his gurgling stomach, took an x-ray and found poop.  This is the very shortened version, to spare you the details...they took care of business and we were home in bed by 6am.  So now, I am also mad at poop...hence the title "Not Cool Poop".  Yes, I'm really tired and probably will delete all this when I come to my senses.  Here is our little man:
He was SO miserable, but just like that he was back to his happy self!
Yes, I am pretty tired and have too many things on my list today, but all I can do is completely REJOICE!  Why?  Because all I can picture right now is a giant garbage dump.  (sorry I am so tired, this is how my mind works)  You see, my friends just got back from Ethiopia.  Kelsey blogged yesterday about this "city" that literally is in a garbage dump.  Children running everywhere in filth and all alone - hopefully their parents were somewhere, hopefully.  What about these children, what if their stomach hurts, who takes care of them?  My heart just hurts that this is in our world.  I feel so undeserving of the LOVE of our Father in heaven, well, we are undeserving...but for CHRIST!  Anyway, I am so grateful we were able to see a doctor, to be able to have a remedy, to be able to have my son.  (I still am not to the point of being grateful for poop though!  I'll get there, don't worry)

So there you have our night.  I asked Daniel how he felt this morning when we woke up.  His answer?  "Awesome!"  Well, okay then, let's go make the rest of this day AWESOME!